This is ridiculous, this attempt at something. I settle down and just smoke. I wonder what we have now, now that the holiday has passed. So many making a brief return to roots, but then we shoot back off into the bright lights and fading day. Wait for the next appointment, a month away.

Months pass, and a year later I still find myself rambling about the ever-elusive coatrack. House is a wreck, but that would even things out. My umbrella's sitting on a cardboard box right now.

Really doesn't matter, so many things that seem vital. I mean, don't go taking my anything away, since, as you can see, I'm as well-adjusted as I'm likely to be. Don't want to disturb any balances or checks. My phone bill will remind me later of last night again. The simplest good times with fellow human beans. We're spinning around and talking, laughing. Cleaning up after family visits and seasonal changes. Waiting for half-time to take a piss.

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