It's a start. I have what appears to be a miniature coatrack. Something on which you might keep very small coats, though I'm told it was meant to hold jewelry or something. It holds nothing for now, just standing as a symbol on the bar. Something to come. Eventually.

A gift from an angel, a gift older than said angel. She brought it in a bag, knowing quite rightly how I'd dig this relic, despite its faults, blemishes. It warms my heart like a sweater, small statue tribute to its big brother, which I still haven't located. It should be easier now that I have a look to go on.

She really shouldn't have. No need for anything here...except a coatrack, and she's done the best yet at fulfilling the search. A sign, perhaps, that I should start small, as in all things. Baby steps.

You probably could hang baby shoes on the mini-coatrack, as long as you had the weight evenly distributed.

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