The troll is gone. There's furniture out there. The living room is a room in which one can now live, and as proof, many people have been in and out. The troll, the young'un, Mandolin Guy, more... in floor, on cushions, on couch. Me too, at times. Easier to lean over and relax than amble on down the hall.

Pillow in the hall, a funny gesture to myself, as it seemed wise to take a nap there once. Then twice. Permanent hall pillow makes it a guestroom. I'll drape a blanket over you as I step over you. Maybe just drop my sweater, as that's more likely to be handy than a blanket.

Tomorrow, then, the coatrack. Whatever they got at the depot. Whatever steps off the train of thought. It'll latch on and wink and grin and we'll go laughing back home to set things up proper.

Once that's done, I'll do some laundry. Time for a sweater load, you see.

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