Sometimes moths just want to rest, I've decided. More than once, a moth has found its way to my shoulder and sat contentedly. Beyond what you'd expect from a flittering critter. Currently, there's a moth in my bathroom, just relaxing on the shower curtain. Been there two days now, just relaxing in the bathroom.

Butterflies have it better, becoming bright and, therefore naturally cheerful. They flower-hop all day and flex their wings as if they're in a beauty pageant. Meanwhile, the moths come out later and head for the light for all they're worth. They're brown and gray and spotted and stupid. But dedicated. To finding the light and to resting when they're not. On my shower curtain or on my shoulder.

Just an image...the moth wants in that light so bad, it keeps beating its head against the bulb. The butterfly visits flowers and soaks up the goods. It's all true, but I'm a moth.

Some of my sweaters have holes I've chewed in them.

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