Ok, so yesterday came and went. So did the one before that. The tomorrow of old is already forgetful, and there's still no coatrack. I'm sure it isn't my fault, but rather the state of the stars and the light they're dripping on me every time I look up from a zillion miles away.

On the other hand, it was still up into the range of 80 Fahrenheit degrees today, and when the sun sets (so soon now), it's perfect outside. The thirties are coming, but I have a couple of days yet to find the necessary treasure.

Which is to say that I'm about to go pay bills and will soon complain that once again, I can't afford the luxury of a place to hang my sweater. My sweater will gripe and I shall gnaw off a button to remind it who pays the bills around here.

But you'd never make it in that cold office without me!

Or your cousins, true. But you just kinda sit there all day, rather like a monkey on my back, a cardigan monkey.

You just sit there all day too, mostly.

You simply can't comprehend the work I do. You can't even fathom what wonders I work with electrons!

You reload the same six web sites over and over again all day.

Isn't it wondrous?

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