Would it be obligation that got me to hang things on the coatrack, if I had one? After all this ranting, I'd just have to use it, right? Make myself do it, even if I felt like throwing my sweater on the couch.

Of course, it helps that I don't have a couch.

But the seasons keep going. The coatrack would be handy soon. As it is, each chilly morning I'm fishing around in the pile on my dresser, hating to make something else from the closet 'dirty' by wearing it off and on, mostly off, all day. That's what's in the pile, see. The not-quite-dirty dirty stuff.

I haven't done laundry in a long time now. A generous benefactor did a little laundry for me a couple of weeks ago...and a good time for it too, as I was truly out of socks. I was still stumbling upon clean t-shirts and such, but the sock supply had run dry.

So on top of needing a coatrack, I need a dryer. For a washing machine I already have.

At the trailer, I had a nifty old dryer. It wasn't even a dryer. Its labelling identified it as a 'Clothes Conditioner.' I sorta want to ask my old landlord if he still has it, and, if so, if I can buy it for $25 or so. I think having a 'Clothes Conditioner' (is that really what it was?) would be pretty spiffy.

That and a coatrack, of course.

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