It's fall, see. This would be irrelevant if it was still summer, beautifully hot and humid North Georgia summer. It would still be relevant if it was winter, since a coat is obviously well-suited to hang on a coatrack, but then there might be less of a sweater theme to this madness.

The closet in my bedroom held the first sweater of the season, not the dark blue beauty, but a very light grey sort of thing. Still has most of its buttons, though it does have a few spare holes not intended for buttoning. I was thinking of a coatrack as I took it off the hanger from which it dangled... An imminent coatrack to receive sweaters and flannel shirts and coats...

Some blustery day a friend will come knocking at the wrong door, and I'll yell Go around to the carport door!. We'll meet in the carport, and after exchanging pleasantries I'll hold the door open. Said friend will step into warmth and I'll point at the coatrack as I close the door behind us.

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