It just occurred to me out of the blue one day, out of the baby blue den walls as I took off my sweater, or maybe a shirt. What was going on doesn't stand out now, but the thought and ridiculous resolution stuck. With sweater/shirt in hand, I glanced around -- more or less bare. A bean bag chair and important entertainment devices, a table with a couple of computers, an old busted recliner where the neighbors would probably expect to see a dining room table, still boxes from moving... I'll finish unpacking later, but there's this sweater/shirt in my hand and I'm looking for a coatrack I don't have, there next to the door.

Make motions in air as if to hang it up, the sweater/shirt or whatever it was -- really just a catalyst, a thought crash landing from nowhere telling me to get a coatrack. For my sweater/shirt/whatever. Only makes sense to have such things right next to the door as you go out.

There's a closet next to the real front door, but that's not the door I use. Who wants to open a door to grab a sweater anyway? Well, Mister Rogers did, but I guess that can qualify the practice as only suitable for children's programming, which I'm not. Suffice to say, even if I tended to go out that door when outdoors I went, I wouldn't want to open the closet. I'd want a coatrack there instead of next to the other door, that's all.